ipad 10.2 case

ipad 10.2 case

With its fantastic screen, bright colors, and sharp details, Apple’s newest iPad is great for watching movies, playing games, working, or drawing. You wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to your iPad’s screen while using it in the city or at home. Remember how expensive it is to fix your iPad’s screen. 

Choose a good screen protector and a case for your iPad before you take it out of the box to keep the screen from getting scratched or broken. Considering that iPads aren’t cheap, buying a good screen protector and an iPad 10.2 case makes sense. And if you have kids around, it’s even more important to get a screen protector to keep the screen of your iPad clean.

How to Select Screen Protectors with IPad 10.2 Case

We’ve compiled a list of the most important things to consider before buying the best iPad screen protectors and cases. 


Even though most screen protectors are made of the same materials, they are not all of the same quality. You will be safe no matter your choice: thin plastic or tempered glass, even though the material quality and level of protection vary. The glass protector is easier to clean and does a great job protecting the screen. Plastic, on the other hand, is cheaper but doesn’t protect as well. Screen protectors made of hard plastic protect the whole screen. 


The best screen protector should cover the whole screen. But not everyone can use the best iPad screen protectors. You need to know if the screen protector is supposed to cover the whole device or just the screen. If you don’t, you might have trouble if you end up with the opposite of what you want. Choose the screen protector made for your model for the best fit. One screen protector will only fit some sizes, and the covered parts are more likely to get damaged.


Durability is another important thing to think about. You want screens that will last and protect you well. You can see how well the shield holds up by dropping it. When dropped enough times, glass screens can crack, but the plastic film doesn’t crack at all. Even so, the second one can come off and won’t protect your phone if it falls.


Different styles make up the best iPad screen protectors. Some screens leave the home button, camera, or both exposed. Cutouts like these are often found on glass screen protectors. Others vary in how thick they are. The more protection it gives, the thicker the glass is. But it could make registering taps and using things like the Apple Pencil harder.

Anti-Glare Feature:

Since we’re dealing with glass and plastic shields, they need a feature that keeps them from reflecting light. The AR coating weakens or stops light from going straight into your eyes.

Ultra-Clear Feature:

One thing to think about is how well it reflects light. Another question is how long it will last. Smudges, scratches, and fingerprints may appear as you use your iPad. Dust, crumbs, and other things can get stuck in the corners. A good screen protector should keep the screen clear for a long time before it needs to be cleaned.

Types of Screen Protectors Good with IPad 10.2 Case:

There are so many screen protectors, like ceramic, plastic, liquid, and tempered glass, that it can be hard to know what to get. We will go over the various possibilities together in this article. 

Tempered Glass:

Tempered glass screen protectors are more durable than plastic ones for drops and scratches. Some brands also come with extra features, like anti-glare and privacy technology. What’s the worst thing? Since the protector is thicker, you can tell it’s on your screen.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

This material will keep your screen free from minor scratches because it can absorb smaller bumps and scratches. Let’s say you rub your keys lightly against the screen. A TPU screen protector may initially show a small dent, but that mark will go away over time. This protector can also cover your screen from edge to edge, but it may change color and isn’t very smooth to the touch.

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Screen protectors of PET plastic are thin, light, and smooth, so you won’t even notice them on your phone. However, they offer little protection. Also, they won’t cover the whole screen if your phone is curved. The price of PET protectors is low, but you get what you pay for.

Nano Liquid:

The liquid coating on these screen protectors is supposed to stop scratches and marks. Usually made of silicon dioxide, they form a barrier over your screen that protects it and kills bacteria without adding an extra layer. They work on any device, saving you time because you don’t have to choose one based on your phone size. However, the technology only offers a little protection. And once you put it on your screen, you can’t just take it off like you can with other screen protectors. 

Bottom Line:

It will help if you think about many things when looking for the best iPad screen protectors. Most importantly, you should ensure it fits your iPad well, doesn’t cause glare, stays clear for a long time, and is strong. Zugucase has finally made a screen protector that is as durable, high-quality, and well-thought-out as their cases. All these benefits can be found, so choose the iPad 10.2 9th generation case and screen protector that best fits your needs.

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