ipad mini 6 leather case

ipad mini 6 leather case

You’ve bought an iPad mini, and now you’d like to splurge on a high-end iPad mini 6 leather case. You’ve probably already run a few Google searches, and you’ve got a shortlist of the best leather cases for the iPad mini currently available. There are some great options on there, and your iPad will look stylish in any of them. But do you actually need a leather iPad mini case, or are there better iPad covers out there?

Well, let’s unpack this a little. What does the iPad covers on your list look like, and are there better options out there?

Types of leather iPad mini cases available:

There are several types of leather iPad mini-cases out there. Dividing into broad categories, we have:

  • Leather sleeves that you slip your iPad mini into when it is not in use. These provide a little extra protection when your iPad is in your book bag or waiting for you on the table, but they won’t help protect your iPad when it is actually in use. They also don’t offer any of the other ‘extras’ other types of iPad cases use— no built-in stand, for instance.
  • Basic folio cases for the purist. If you’re all about using natural materials only, you can find some artisan folio cases that are strictly leather. These cases might not hold your iPad as securely as a case made of more modern materials, and they don’t have extra features like automatic sleep/wake, but they’re certainly beautiful!
  • Hybrid folio cases where leather is paired with other more flexible materials. These cases are a little more like mainstream folio cases and often boast more function than the basic folio cases that are just made of leather. On the downside, they don’t look quite as cool as the purist cases, and sometimes you can hardly tell they aren’t simply mass-produced pseudo-leather plastic (though you paid a premium for the real stuff!).

An alternative iPad mini case:

If you’re willing to think a little beyond your initial list of leather iPad mini 6 leather case options, you may want to consider protective cases made with faux leather. The Zugu case is an example of this. It’s made from TPU, which is essentially plastic, but it looks to all intents and purposes like a sleek leather case. Not quite as classic as one of your purist leather folios, maybe, but quite comparable to some hybrid leather covers!

What you lose in looks you gain in function, and the Zugu case is as functional as it gets.  You’ll have a sturdy magnetic stand with multiple viewing angles, for one, and even a magnetic mount that allows you to stick your iPad mini up on any metal surface you might desire (the refrigerator is a good place to start!)

The case has a handy pencil slot, where the pencil can both rest and charge. And yes, it’s also got that automatic sleep/wake functionality. But those are all just nice extras.  The primary reason you’d probably choose to get a Zugu over a leather iPad mini 6 case is its protective qualities.

A Zugu case was built to offer military-style protection: full-scale shock protection that keeps your iPad mini fully functional (and even aesthetically unharmed) after an unplanned drop or collision. The case has been tested to keep the iPad unscathed after 26 drops from four feet each, so these people are serious about keeping iPads safe. While this case isn’t super slim, it’s not like those super bulky silicon bumper cases either. The exterior is sleek and elegant, and the faux leather requires no maintenance whatsoever.

Your third option: An iPad mini waterproof case:

There’s still another option when it comes to cases: buying a fully waterproof case for your device. People look for waterproof cases because they’re nervous about having their iPads out and about around water, or sometimes because they live close to aquatic environments. This type of case might be tempting to you if you live near a beach, for instance, or enjoy sailing in a small boat on the Florida coast. Unlike the newer iPhones, iPads aren’t designed to be water safe.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any waterproof cases out there that are really suitable for everyday use. They don’t replace the functionality of a serious iPad case like the Zugu. If you are around water a lot, you might consider buying a waterproof case for your iPad mini, but also having a real case for when you’re not right in the water. Some waterproof casings can be used over a more traditional case if you don’t want to take your protective cover off.

Your ideal iPad mini case:

Now that you know all that, it’s time to rethink what your ideal iPad mini 5 case with a pencil holder looks like. Are you willing to deal with the higher maintenance that leather requires to get a genuine buckskin iPad case? Or would you rather have the ease and protection a case as the Zugu provides?

So long as you go into your purchase with your eyes wide open, read the reviews carefully, and buy a case that fits your lifestyle, you should be in good shape. The same iPad mini case might not be right for everyone, but there are some great options out there that will help you keep your iPad safe!

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